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Rocknoceros Then & Now (2015 photo by Nicole Wolf)

Celebrating 10 Years of Making Kids Music :: A Guest Post by Rocknoceros

Today I’m pleased to welcome Coach Cotton and Boogie Bennie of Rocknoceros who share what it has been like to make music for kids’ for the past ten years!  Quoted as saying:  “We grew up together, and we’ve always charted our own course.  We aren’t a rock band that failed in the adult world and then […]

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Nurturing A Young Professional Musician :: A Guest Post by Alison Faith Levy

  I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Kindie musician, Alison Faith Levy of The Sippy Cups!  Ever wondered how to encourage your kids to follow their passions?  Today, Alison shares her family’s personal story of nurturing the budding creativity in another professional musician in her home, her son, Henry.  Take a moment and enjoy the story of the […]

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Part 2 :: Kids Music That Inspires Healthy Eating with Kaitlin McGaw of the Alphabet Rockers

If you were with us earlier this month, you met Kaitlin McGaw of the Alphabet Rockers who shared a behind the scenes look at the band and how they were inspired to embrace healthier lifestyles while creating music for kids and encouraging them to do the same.  This week Kaitlin is back with some practical tips […]

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Kids Music That Inspires Healthy Eating With Kaitlin McGaw of the Alphabet Rockers

Today I’m joined by Kaitlin McGaw, award winning songwriter and Founding Director of Alphabet Rockers, an educational hip hop/pop music company founded in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Enjoy this behind the scenes look at how music inspired her {and how it can inspire you} to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  In this two-part series, you’ll get a […]

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Meet the Band :: A Day in the Life with Andy Furgeson of Red Yarn

Today I’m welcoming Andy Furgeson of Red Yarn Productions who is sharing a behind the scenes look into a day in his life as a children’s music artist, puppeteer and {soon to launch} TV star!  On this particular day, he tells what it’s like to wear lots of hats when creating a TV show, why you shouldn’t turn […]

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Show Your Love for Kids Music

Show Some Love :: Fund A Kids Music Album!

In this very last week of “love month” why not show a little love to a children’s music artist with an amazing project that needs your help?  You will fill your heart with warm fuzzies when you give a little, and you’ll help ensure the future of quality children’s music for kids and families.  With a […]

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