Music Monday Review: Imagination

Kids' Music Review:  Imagination by Play Date

If you can imagine gathering up the playful sound of childhood just to watch it glow in a big glass jar you have an idea of what Imagination sounds like.

This first release by Play Date, husband and wife team Shanti Wintergate and Greg Attonito (of The Bouncing Souls), is a whimsical collection of feel-happy songs that embody the collaborative punk and singer/song writer backgrounds of these two artists.

This album is a celebration of childhood imagination where kids are encouraged to get up, get out and enjoy the day.  Play Date is like the lyrics of “Sunshine Through My Window:” a breath of fresh air in the morning that you’ll want to just soak up.

Wanting to soak up more of this band, I watched an interview from last November on Ashbury Park Press’ 66 Sessions.  In the interview, Play Date says they strive to create the same kind of content for kids that they remembered enjoying with their parents growing up.  Stuff with sophisticated humor that can be appreciated and enjoyed by both kids and adults alike—like the Muppets of the late 1970s.

One great example of this is “XYZ”, a refreshing alphabet song filled with sophisticated words and concepts like F is for freedom, K is for kindness to every boy and every girl and U is for under the deep blue sea.

Other standout tracks from this album include:  “Rad,” “Days of the Week” and “Sunshine Through My Window “ (available for preview below or if you’re reading this through email, click over to the post for the video).

You will also want to remember this one when you’re ready to “Dance Like a Monster.” Perhaps around October?

W is for wonderful, a fitting description of Imagination.

Recommended for:  Playful days, Kids big and little, Car rides on a sunny day

Available on iTunes and Amazon.


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