Monday Music Review: Pleased to Meet You from Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke

Kids Music Review:  Pleased to Meet You from Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke - great boy music

Do you know any little boys that like dirt under their fingernails, wouldn’t be afraid to make friends with trolls and would enjoy being named “King of the Town?”

Then you must know someone who would be a fan of Pleased to Meet You from Key Wilde and Mr Clarke.

This is my first experience with Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke, and they quickly gained popularity in our car by a six-year-old boy I know who suddenly developed a fondness for the idea of being “Raised By Trolls.”

Upon his request, we hit repeat and found a common fondness for Pleased to Meet You.  With a dirty (dirty as in dirt in your backyard, not the other kind of dirty…) punk-like sound this album appeals to both the boys in your life and the parents who like to add a little old-school punk to their playlists.

(Added bonus:  if you’re a tad bit of an Anglophile, like me, you’ll love Mr. Clarke’s accent!)

Although most of our standout tracks have a traditional punk sound, you’ll also find other genre influences on this album such as Wilde’s bluegrass background.  This makes for a well-rounded collection of kids’ songs from this interesting and unique collaboration.

So, whether you’re a boy out gigging for frogs while searching for trolls under bridges or a dad who enjoys singing great nonsense words (“Bigga Bagga” and “Trondaxx Berserker”) you’ll be pleased you met Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke.

Recommended for:  Boys who like to get dirty, Punk loving Parents, School Age Rockers

Pleased to Meet You is available on: Amazon and iTunes

Want to hear more from this duo?  Visit them on SoundCloud if you’d like to hear “Raised By Trolls” 


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