Monday Music Review: Kings & Queens of the Forest & Giveaway Winner

Monday Music Review: Kings & Queens of the Forest by Kira Wiley - great for stretching the wiggles out

You know that old saying April showers bring May flowers?  With the advent of spring showers and in some places the tight hold of winter snow, you may find yourselves locked inside.

Stuck inside, with energetic kids who long to stretch their legs and run in spring sunshine.  You may be feeling that way too.  It’s a perfect opportunity to turn your living room dance floor into a family sized yoga mat.

A couple of years ago I wrote about our family’s love for Dance for the Sun and mentioned earlier this year our desire to try out Kira Wiley’s second release Kings & Queens of the Forest I’m so glad we did since we’ve had it on regular request for the past month.

Similar in format to her first album, Kira has written a delightful kid-friendly melodic collection of just plain fun music.  Once you’ve sung along and enjoyed her musical talent, she then invites you to be a student in her yoga studio with a repetition of the songs that include guided yoga stretches.

Although we love the music on its own, I find I get more requests for the yoga tracks from my kids than the album as a whole.   We love the challenge of following along with the yoga instruction and using our bodies to enjoy movement along with the music.  It’s really fun to do together.

I thought the instruction on Kings & Queens of the Forest was even better and easier to follow than her first album.  It helps a little if you’ve taken a yoga class before, but it really isn’t necessary.  There are some basic instructional drawings included in the lyrics booklet, and even little ones with keen listening skills can follow along with the verbal directions.

My one disappointment is that the instructional voice seems to be more overpowering than it was on Dance for the Sun, and I really missed being able to hear the music in the background.  Other than that, Kings & Queens of the Forest qualifies for rainy day rescue in my book.

If you’re feeling housebound and restless, Kira Wiley is reliable fun for letting sunshine into an otherwise ordinary, dreary day.

Recommended for:  Stretching the Wiggles Out, Singing Out Loud, Listening and Following Along, Family Togetherness

Kings &  Queens of the Forest is available on Amazon and iTunes.

You can read my review of Dance for the Sun on Simple Kids.


My little hydrangea plant had it’s own resurrection this weekend just in time to make it to the table for Easter. (I wish I had a before picture, but really who takes pictures of their sad, wilting plants.)

Congratulations to Sharon the winner of the Seeds Family Worship Music Giveaway who said:  “In my heart I’d love to have a green thumb, but in reality, it is all black.”  I really enjoyed reading all of your green and black thumb comments.  Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

Didn’t win?  You  might be interested in this free download from Seeds.

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