Monday Music Review: Cat Doorman Songbook

Monday Music Review on Swing Whistle Zing: Songbook by Cat Doorman

I have to admit I was first taken in by this album’s cover art.  The whimsical, colorful sketches and hand-lettering piqued my interest about what the disc inside had to offer. This is one reason why I still love to hold a CD in my hands.  It turns out the cover art is just part of the package that Cat Doorman (aka Portland Indie Music artist, Julianna Bright) delivers in her first children’s release, Cat Doorman Songbook.

This unique collection of songs delivers creativity and inspiration to the ears of listeners.  As I listened to this album, I felt like it would be the perfect background music to an art afternoon or a dress up day.

Perhaps it was the titles of the tracks “Oh the Inspiration” and “Let’s Get Dressed Up” that inspired these thoughts.  But I think there was something about the interesting complexity of the sound that just inspired that creative corner of my brain.

Songbook is definitely one of those albums parents will find themselves grabbing just as often as their kids.  While the sound may be grown-up, kids will find familiar themes like getting dressed up and the alphabet—”So Many Words”—as well as the adaptation of a classic children’s tune with “Little Red Wagon.”  We’re also partial to the jazzy funky sound of “Yeah!” around here.

Cat Doorman Songbook is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Here’s a preview of the beautiful artistic package of songbook from Cat Doorman—

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Songbook Review on Swing Whistle Zing

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  1. Jennifer March 21, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    Hi! Thanks for your kind words and support! You should be able to use the tag cloud to search for reviews and find all of the albums I’ve mentioned here. Within each review post there’s a link to Amazon or iTunes if you’re interested in buying a particular album.

    Yes I’ve found my kids tend to latch on to some favorite songs (especially when they’re little) and we’ve created some favorites playlists just for that reason, we also have to use the repeat button a lot. You’re right that the library or using Spotify is a great way to preview new music before buying the whole album. We love to try new things out that way!

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