Monday Music Review: Blink of an Eye from Frances England

Monday Music Review:  Blink of an Eye - Swing Whistle Zing

There are a handful of kids’ music albums that I sometimes consider sneaking into my own music collection.  Frances England’s latest release, Blink of an Eye, falls into that category.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of listening to Frances’ airy, melodic, ethereal sounding voice, Blink of an Eye makes a perfect introduction.  With grace and a guitar, Frances will sing her way into the heart of your family with songs that speak to both parents and children alike.

I love her laid-back easy to listen to style that makes for the type of album you pull out when you need something everyone can enjoy that doesn’t take too much effort.  In fact, her style is very much like one of my favorite “go to” artists, Jack Johnson.  I would count Blink of an Eye as one of those albums I’d grab to be the soundtrack to spending days at home together or for when you need something gentle for a car ride.

She does a beautiful job of writing songs that tell the stories of childhood which parents will relate to and kids will find themselves joyfully singing and dancing along with.  She even encourages running on “Little Wings,” a sweet and catchy tune you won’t mind finding yourself humming hours after hearing it.

I especially liked, “Bicycle Built for Two” (a collaboration with Molly Ledford of Lunch Money) which is a wonderful metaphor for the whole album that seems to be built for parents and children.  The message here?  Enjoy the ride together.

If, like me, you enjoy Frances England’s music for children as much as you do your own music; keep your eye out for her next project an album for adults entitled Paths We Have Worn to be released in September.

In the meantime enjoy a sample from Blink of an Eye with the title track below—

Recommended for:  Providing the Soundtrack to Your Days, Car Tunes, Running! (or Flying), Family Favorites

Blink of an Eye is available on:  Amazon and iTunes

P.S. If you haven’t visited Frances’ website yet, it’s chock-full of goodies, check out my post of some of my favorites here.

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