Monday Kids Music Review: Recess


Is it back to school time in your neighborhood yet?  This week we are officially back to school in ours, and secretly I’m the one who isn’t quite ready.  But if back to school has given anyone the blues in your house today’s album is going to be a great pick-me-up.

At this moment I honestly can’t think of a better album for the carpool drive than Justin Roberts’ newest release Recess.  You’ll feel exactly like a kid let out for recess when you find yourself singing the catchy lyrics of the title track.  In fact I love this song so much, I think we should break to listen to it now (if you’re reading this via email you may need to click over to the blog to hear the music)-

Now you want to hear more right?  So did I, and the rest of this album is just about as much fun as the start.  Although the album covers several different areas of life as a kid, I felt like the heart of the album was about being an elementary school kid on the playground.  With songs like “I’ll Be an Alien,” “Hopscotch” and “School’s Out” there’s an overarching theme of school-time play and imagination going on here.  Therefore, I’m recommending this album as a great accompaniment for the ride back to school.

Never fear, however, Roberts doesn’t leave the pre-school set behind, just hop on over to tracks four and six and the little brother or sister who’s hanging out with mom after dropping the older kids off at school will have their own theme songs about being in the checkout line at the store or looking for trains out of the car window.

Perhaps you’re one of those lucky parents who is dropping everyone off this morning and leaving the carpool line all by your self?  Don’t be embarrassed to join me in belting out “It’s Reeeecessss” to a car full of empty car seats.  It’s really that good.

Recommended for:  Carpool Lines, Pre-school & School-Age Rockers, Parents Who Could Use a Little Recess, Recess Loving Teachers

Recess is available on: Amazon and iTunes

Bonus Tip and Giveaway!

If you purchase the packaged CD, it comes with a pop out robot and exclusive secret access webcodes, cool huh?  Justin also has a limited edition coloring book and t-shirts for sale to accompany the Recess CD—packaged together any combination of all three would make a fantastic great gift.  Get a sample page of the coloring book here and purchase the exclusive merchandise in the Justin Roberts Offical Store.

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