Whirlwind (and the 2014 Best Children’s Album Grammy Nominee List)

Photo by KellyV via Flickr

Photo by KellyV via Flickr

This past week, OK in reality more like the past 2 months our lives have been caught up in a whirlwind.  I’m not quite sure we ever truly recovered from the Christmas season as our schedule has been full of travel ever since.  On our last trip we brought home a souvenir I’d prefer to have left behind:  a week of sickness for the entire family.  I think, however, that week brought our whirlwind to a halt. (At least I hope so.)

Whirlwind is such a funny word.  It sounds a bit musical, and the idea of whirling makes me think of little girls in colorful twirly dresses happily spinning around — most certainly not to the point of disaster as the actual definition implies.  Although I suppose whenever you’re spinning there’s always a risk of disaster; even when it’s fun.

I’m happy to report that despite our crazy spinning lives, I was already able to meet a few of my wish list goals for 2014 this month, probably the one I’m most excited about was catching a live kids’ music concert (more on that to come).

I also started reaching out to some of those recommended artists I have a list of, and added a few more thanks to this past week’s Grammy awards.  If you weren’t already aware there is a category for Best Children’s Album that isn’t part of televised event.  In case you missed it, here are the 2014 Grammy Nominees for Best Children’s Album

Congratulations to this Year’s Winner:

Throw A Penny In The Wishing Well 

Jennifer Gasoi


Blue Clouds

Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower

The Mighty Sky

Beth Nielsen Chapman

Recess (read the SWZ review here)

Justin Roberts

Singing Our Way Through: Songs For The World’s Bravest Kids (read the SWZ review here)

Alastair Moock & Friends

You can access the entire list of past winners from the Children’s Music (or any) category on the Grammy website.  Since great kids’ music never truly goes out of fashion, it’s another good tool for music discovery.

And, in case you missed it another one of my favorite albums from the past year, ¡Fantastico! by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, also won a Latin Grammy for Best Children’s Album this past November.

Finally, I even accomplished a goal from last year just this past Monday.  Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I have a lot of great pictures to share from some of our craziness, so I did a little insta-catch up this week on Instagram (we were low on data and wifi so I had to hold some of my picture sharing).  You can follow me on Instagram or view the feed any time on the blog.

I think that about covers it for my whirlwind also known as January.  I’m hoping that February will bring with it much slower days.

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