Rainy Day Rhythm


We have had a serious influx of rain around here this week.  I tried to take a picture of what’s happening outside of my windows, but it’s really hard to visually capture the rhythm of rain.  You have to hear it.  For a moment, just a brief one, I managed to get my three year old to lay down on the couch with me and listen to the rain the other day.  It’s amazing how the sound of rain is so  rhythmic.  If you’ve ever watched raindrops fall on a car window they make a very random pattern, but if you close your eyes and listen the sound of falling rain has more regularity to it.  It’s not a perfect regular beat, but there’s a rhythm to it just the same.  The next time it’s raining at your house, gather your kids together for an impromptu science/rhythm lesson and give it a try.  Take a moment and enjoy the rhythm of the rain together.

Looking for something else to do on a rainy day?  Try one of these Rainy Days and Mondays boards on Pinterest.  I just love that board title, inspired by the 1970s song by The Carpenters.  I think I’ll consider adding that one to my Pinterest feed too.

Happy rainy Wednesday, if it’s raining at your house—don’t let it get you down.


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