New Year, New Music Wish List

wish list for swing whistle zing 2013

I wrote a musically inspired wish list a couple of years ago for Simple Kids, and it turned out to be a terrific inspiration for me to seek and find new and interesting artists in the world of children’s music.

Since 2013 is the first official calendar year of Swing Whistle Zing I thought what better way to kick things off than to share my wish list for this year with you.  Consider it a little preview of what’s to come-

The top item on my wish list this year is to learn Spotify.

I have a confession: I’m sometimes a little behind when it comes to new technology.  Blame it on the fact that up until two years ago I spent most of my adult life living overseas in places where technology, current American television and high-speed Internet was spotty.  (AKA the years when things like Facebook, Twitter, Internet video streaming and Wi-Fi in your home became a part of daily life.)  I’m still catching up.

Or blame it on being a mom, whose computer time without a child in the lap rarely happens.  So, anything that requires much concentration, like learning a new skill, gets pushed way down on my to do list, even if I think it’s awesome (like Spotify) or could somehow make my life easier (like Spotify).

I suspect there are others out there like me; I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

For my next wish list item I have a little bit of a repeat from 2010, checking out the latest from Kira Wiley of Fireflies Yoga.  Apparently I somehow missed her 2011 release of Kings & Queens of the Forest.

We really love Dance for the Sun as a way to get up, move our bodies and reenergize.  I pull that one out all of the time; especially on a rainy day.  So, I’m eager to hear her latest collection of kid-friendly movement inspired music with instructional yoga tracks.

Finally, I want to explore more World Music.  I honestly enjoy having instrumental music on in the background of our home, and I think that listening to the traditional music of other cultures is a way you can experience the world without having to leave your home.  It’s a great alternative to classical music when you want some noise background.  Some genres I already know I want to investigate include:  Spanish guitar, Irish folk music and Chinese strings.

My list could go on and on, but I think it goes without saying that I can’t wait to hear more from bands that have just popped up on my radar like The Pop Ups, Sugar Free Allstars and Hullabaloo.

I’m also definitely excited about new releases from some of my favorite bands like Milkshake and Recess Monkey, who will be joining me along with a few others on a 2013 Wish List Series happening on Swing Whistle Zing on Wednesdays in January.  Come back to find out what your favorite bands are up to in 2013 and where you can catch some of them live!

What would you add to your musically inspired wish list?



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