Planning to Dance an Irish Jig? Some Music Suggestions for St. Patrick’s Day

Favorite Finds Friday: Five Ways to find Irish Music for Families on Swing Whistle Zing + Free Download from Milkshake

Exploring Irish Music was one of my wish list items for this year, and what better time to do it than in March just in time for St. Patrick’s Day?

Whether you’re celebrating this weekend with Irish Stew and green milk served on a table with upside down chairs (courtesy of some naughty leprechauns) or if you’re just lucky to remember to wear green somewhere on your body on the 17th, playing some Irish music is an easy way to add to the festivities of the day.  

Here are 5 Ideas of Ways for Families to Enjoy Irish Music This Weekend

1~ Stream (via your favorite radio app) or Pick up a new CD—

Here are a couple of bands I got recommendations on from a friend who’s daughter takes Irish dance lessons, one of her teacher friends, who actually is Irish, suggested these albums as good places to start.  I tried them out, and if you don’t already have some Irish favorites, either of these artists would be fun to try this weekend.

 Step Into the Beat by Ellery Klein & Ryan Lacey

Simple, traditional instrumental tunes—really great for dancing around the house.

  The Chieftains

Having recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and carrying the honorary title “Ireland’s Musical Ambassadors”, this band was described to me as the all-time traditional Irish band.  Their upbeat, traditional music includes primarily instrumental tracks with some classic Irish ballads.  Voice of Ages is their latest release.

2~ Play an instrument

There are so many beautiful sounds in Irish music, but one that comes to mind most often is the sound of the flute or whistle—grab a simple wooden flute and create your own tune.

3~ Listen to “We Just Wanna Have Fun” an Irish-inspired song for kids

You definitely have a minute to check out “We Just Wanna Have Fun” off of Milkshake’s upcoming Mar. 26 release of Got A Minute? (available now for pre-order on Amazon or the Milkshake Store)

It’s a fun, kid-friendly alternative to a traditional Irish pub tune, listen to it here, then get the free download

4~ Go! See a Live Performance

Grab your local paper or do a search for Irish pubs in your area and take advantage of the live music!  Many restaurants (pubs and non-pubs alike) and outdoor festivals will have live music this weekend.  There’s no better way to experience the sounds of traditional Irish music than hearing it live.  Your kids will love the chance to dance (go early to increase your chances of finding a more kid-friendly crowd)!

If you like the music, see if the band is selling their own CDs  What better way to support local talent!

5~ Watch some feet fly

It may be a little cliche, but I still love a good performance of Riverdance.  The sound of many feet stomping in rhythm is simply mesmerizing.

But whatever you do, enjoy some beautiful music together—Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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