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This is my last week of the wish list series and you’re in for a treat!  Not only am I here introducing you to Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs, I’m also over on Simple Kids today doing a review of his just released album Orangutan Van!

Let’s Sing-a-long with SteveSongs

Band Name: SteveSongs
Members: Steve Roslonek, Anand Nayak, David Stackhouse
Hometown: Wethersfield, CT and Massachusetts
First Release & Most Recent Release:  Morning ’til Night,1998 & Orangutan Van, Jan 29th, 2013

How did you get involved in creating music for children?

I had performed with and written songs for some a cappella groups in college  (The Wesleyan Spirits, Five O’Clock Shadow and the “world famous” Vineyard Sound), and I continued to write music on my own after graduating, when I was a business consultant.  In fact, I used to write funny little songs about my consulting projects and personnel that I would sometimes perform at the final deliverables party. A few years into my corporate career, my brother, who was a first grade teacher at the time, asked if I could write some educational songs for his classroom. As soon as I started, I was taken by how fun it was to write about a clearly defined topic with lyrics that could engage and amuse kids.  It took me a little while after that to figure out that one could do that kind of a thing for a career.  And here I am now, being one who is doing it for a career. I’m a lucky guy.

What can we expect to hear from you in the coming year, any special projects or themes you’re working on?

As a matter of fact, we’re releasing our new album, Orangutan Van, this week.  We’re very excited about the initial response to the album. The first single, “Flat Stanley” has been on Sirius/XM Kids Place Live’s top 13 for 17 weeks and our “Recess Rocks” music video already has over 15,000 views on youtube. This year I’ll be working on a new book/song project with NBA power forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis of the Orlando Magic.  My songwriting partner, Anand Nayak and I will be putting together another song and music video for Recess Rocks called “The Albert Einstein.”  I can’t wait!  And all of my PBS KIDS music videos from last season have been animated and are still in rotation between “Curious George,” “The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That,” “Dinosaur Train” and “Super Why.”

Where can we see you in 2013?

I’ll be traveling the country once again for PBS Member Station visits (schedule TBA), the band will be touring the new CD in Boston, Philadelphia and CT.  I’ll also be traveling to venues in NY, LA, Florida, and San Juan again as part of the 3rd annual summer Soar with Reading program.

We love to highlight great music on Swing Whistle Zing for our readers who love to dance their wiggles out, what’s your most recommended tune for doing just that?

Recess Rocks” is a high energy, bass thumpin’, hip hopin rocker that my family loves to play for kitchen dance parties.  You can check out the free music video at

*SWZ confession:  We had one of those grumpy afternoons last week and I popped in “Recess Rocks” for my boys—it totally worked to improve the mood in our living room!*

Finally, I put out my wish list of new music I want to try out this year, what 3 things would be on your wish list musically for 2013?

1) I am having a lot of fun playing the new songs from Orangutan Van live with the band – they keep getting a little better and more interesting with each show – so I’m looking forward to continuing that trend in 2013.

2) I’ve been wanting to collaborate with more friends on writing new songs, and now that Orangutan Van is complete I’m hoping that 2013 will be a big year for new collaborations in many different musical styles.

3) and lastly, my wife Lori and I have two wonderful and amazing and extremely time absorbing young kids.  Before they arrived, we used to go to see artists and bands play music live quite often, but not for the last few years.  Now that our youngest is turning 2, it feels like the right time to start enjoying us some live music again.  Get out of our way — we’re going out!  Of course, we’ll have to get back home early because we couldn’t possibly stay awake for the late acts, but… baby steps, right?

A Great Big Thank You!

Thanks to Recess Monkey, Jambo, Milkshake and SteveSongs for joining me here in January to kick off 2013.  There’s so much more fun to to look forward to in the world of kids’ music.  Have you shared your wish list yet?  Leave a comment and let me know what you’re wishing for in 2013!

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