Monday Kids Music Review :: Classic Kids Music Favorites from Lisa Loeb, Laurie Berkner & Andy Z

Kids’ Music these days is so wonderfully varied you can pretty much find something to fit everyone’s taste.  Whether you’re a traditionalist who enjoys songs that have been passed down for generations, a multicultural family whose looking for music to enrich your children’s bi-lingual vocabulary or a new wave, punk rocker you can find something […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: Rocksteady from Josh and the Jamtones With Free Download Tip!

Album:  Rocksteady Artist:  Josh & the Jamtones Release Date:  August 2015 Recommended for:  High Energy Dance Parties, Big Belly Laughs, School Age Rockers, Jam-packed Cars of Music Loving Lunatics Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Rocksteady for your family’s music collection. As we gear up for the holidays, I […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: The Peanuts Movie Soundtrack

Album:  The Peanuts Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Artist:  The Peanuts Movie / O.S.T. Release Date:  October 2015 Recommended for:  Great Movie Soundtrack Fans, Family Time Together, Car Tunes, Instrumental Music Enjoyment Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of The Peanuts Movie Soundtrack for your family’s music collection.  This […]

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Musical Play :: Making “Mouth Music” to Beat the Indoor Blues

I wasn’t planning to post today, to be honest my heart just wasn’t in it.  We’ve had “one of those days” when the weather wasn’t good enough to go out and our cozy home felt more like close quarters for caged animals.  It’s the kind of day when mom just wants to curl up with […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: Simpatico from Renee & Friends

Album:  Simpatico Artist:  Renee & Friends Release Date:  August 2015 Recommended for:  Family Time Together, Background Noise, Soothing Car Tunes, Filling Your Ears with Lightness, Joy & Contentment  Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Simpatico for your family’s music collection.  I think this album is appropriately titled.  The notion of […]

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Facing Fears Through Kids Music + Free Kids Music Download Friday

I love indulging in a little creative Halloween fun.  I love dressing up and decorating my house with spiders and bats and pumpkins—oh my!  And a good dose of sugar never hurt anyone, right? But what I don’t love is the scary, dark side of Halloween.  I don’t love the gross and the gore.  You’ll […]

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