Monday Kids’ Music Review :: Night Night! from Caspar Babypants

Album:  Night Night! Artist:  Caspar Babypants Release Date:  March 2015 Recommended for:  Calming Active Minds, Celebrating the Ritual of Evening, Lulling Everyone to Happily Sleep {including the artist, who apparently found himself dozing during the creation of this album} Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Night Night! for your family’s […]

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail :: Hop to it!

“Here Comes Peter Cottontail” is admittedly one of my favorite Easter/Springtime songs.  It’s fun and upbeat and oh so easy to sing.  So, I was thrilled to catch it on The Hipwaders newest album:  Year-Round Sounds.  The Hipwaders, an award winning Kindie band based out of CA brings their signature eclectic Kindie Power Pop sound to this […]

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Ethical Music Streaming :: What Parents Should Know-An Interview With Allen Farmelo

The way we access and listen to music seems to be ever evolving.  No longer are we held hostage to the play schedules of our favorite radio station, nor do we take our kids to the store to sift through albums to choose the perfect one—this activity, reminiscent of my own childhood, is now virtually obsolete. Modern […]

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Monday Kids’ Music Review :: Trees from Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly

Album:  Trees Artist:  Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly Release Date:  March 2015 Recommended for:  Naturalists & Outdoor Enthusiasts, Anyone Who’s Interested in the Mystery of Trees, Acorn Lovers and Everyone in Your Family “Tree” Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Trees for your family’s music collection. I got the most amazing […]

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Happy Spring! Treat Yourself To Some Sprightly Music from Cat Doorman

I’m a huge fan of the beautiful combination of art and music that Cat Doorman delivers, and I can’t think of a better way to welcome spring {and every season this year!} than with a handful of new tracks for your family to enjoy. You will find a literal spring in your step when you catch the buoyant, jubilant […]

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Kids Music :: There’s An App for that – Mibblio

Looking for an exciting new way to enjoy some of your favorite kids’ music artists?  Try an app by the team at Mibblio.  We had the opportunity to explore the world of the Hams in the Deep Blue Sea by The Green Orbs, with Mibblio’s interactive musical storytelling app. This app allows you to play […]

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