Franklin Bunn, aka Boxtop Jenkins, playing the handsaw for his son Dean

Interview :: Boxtop Jenkins on Playing the Handsaw & Free Halloween Music Downloads!

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Franklin Bunn, whom you are probably more familiar with as Boxtop Jenkins about his unusual talent of playing the handsaw.  Originally from Midville, GA, Franklin’s varying interests and talents have taken him to many places including Germany where he studied the art of Kasper Puppetry.  In this […]

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Monday Kids’ Music Review :: The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection

Album:  The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collectoin Artist:  The Laurie Berkner Band Release Date:  October 2014 Recommended for:  Long time Laurie Berkner Band Fans, Preschool Sized Dance Parties, Gifting to New Parents Starting Their Own Kids’ Music Collection Enjoy this review?  Support kids’ music and purchase a copy of The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection for your family. When I […]

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Musical Play :: Three Little Pumpkins – A Fall Fingerplay with Little Miss Ann

Today, I’m excited to have Ann Torralba also known as Little Miss Ann as a guest blogger sharing the story of her original fall song “Three Little Pumpkins.”  It’s one of my favorite tracks off of her recently released album Follow Me and just like Little Miss Ann it’s full of fun and originality.  Join Little Miss Ann […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: Full Moon, Full Moon by Papa Crow with Special Edition GIVEAWAY

Album:  Full Moon, Full Moon Artist:  Papa Crow Release Date:  October 2014 Recommended for:  Fireside Family Favorites, Classic Rock + Country Fans, Nature Lovers Enjoy this review?  Support kids’ music and purchase a copy of Full Moon, Full Moon for your family. Don’t miss your opportunity to win a free autographed copy of Full Moon, Full Moon—find […]

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