Monday Kids Music Review :: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat: Disney Jazz Vol. 1

Album:  Everybody Wants to Be a Cat:  Disney Jazz, Vol. 1  Artist:  Various Release Date:  February 2011 Recommended for:  Disney Music & Movie Fans, Jazz Fans, Family Favorites, Somewhat Challenging Games of “Name That Tune” Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Everybody Wants to Be a Cat: […]

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Let’s Celebrate! Dr. Seuss’ Birthday & Read Across America-Free Kids Music Download

  What is a birthday party without music and presents?  Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with this whimsical little tune that’s downright Seussical.  Utilizing wonky horns, recognizable rhymes and an off-kilter beat, Jonathan Sprout captures the life of a man who inspires kids to love reading!  This Seuss-style song is a free gift to you in celebration of Read Across […]

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Show Your Love for Kids Music

Show Some Love :: Fund A Kids Music Album!

In this very last week of “love month” why not show a little love to a children’s music artist with an amazing project that needs your help?  You will fill your heart with warm fuzzies when you give a little, and you’ll help ensure the future of quality children’s music for kids and families.  With a […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: Beetcut and the Magic Box from Bobby Beetcut

Album:  Beetcut and the Magic Box Artist:  Bobby Beetcut Release Date:  April 2013 Recommended for:  R & R Loving Families, Dancing Funky Monkeys, Infusing Good Vibrations into a Room Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Beetcut and the Magic Box for your family’s music collection. If it isn’t […]

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Photo by Josh Self

Did You Know? Music + Dancing Relieves Stress

If it hasn’t hit you already, about this time of year the winter-time blues can really set in.  That blasted groundhog saw his shadow a couple of weeks ago, and here we are settling in for another six weeks of winter.  It’s enough to make anyone {kids included} go a little bit stir crazy. Well […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: American Heroes #4 by Jonathan Sprout (A Repost)

In honor of President’s Day, I’m sharing a repost of an album that celebrates some of our greatest heroes in American History {including appropriately a president}.  This is not only a great album on it’s own, but is also part of a terrific series called American Heroes.  Every album in this series is thoroughly researched and well produced […]

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