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Let’s Celebrate! Hispanic Heritage Month Music for Kids

We’re currently in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month, what better time to add some Latin rhythms to your kids’ music groove? For those of you of Hispanic Heritage, it’s a great reminder to share the sounds of your ancestors with your kids.  For those of us who aren’t, it’s an equally good time to add […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: Up To Something Good by Sunshine Collective

Album:  Up To Something Good Artist:  Sunshine Collective Release Date:  September 2015 Recommended for:  Infusing Sunshine & Joyful Energy Into Your Family, Singing Out Loud {Especially for Tween-age Girls}, Repeat Radio Play Pop Lovers  Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Up to Something Good for your family’s music collection.  […]

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Be the First to Discover New Kids Music from The Pop Ups with Amazon Prime

Way back in January, when I launched my annual wish list, one of my goals this year was to become a little more digital.  I don’t know that I’ll ever be a 100% digital music kind of girl, but I want to embrace this new media a little more—especially considering how convenient it can be. So, […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: Now That We’re Friends…from Mil’s Trills

Album:  Now That We’re Friends… Artist:  Mil’s Trills Release Date:  September 2015 Recommended for:  Embracing Friendships New & Old, Singing & Dancing Together, Finding & Loving Your Community In The Great Big World That Surrounds You, Family Favorites Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of Now That We’re […]

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Free Kids Music Printables for Your Friday!

Here are some fun kids’ music printables from around the kids’ music block that I found to share with you this weekend.  Happy Printing!— Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin {Printable Book Pack} One of our favorite books! Mudpies & Makeup Anatomy of a Classroom Poster Print this beautiful poster and learn to make one yourself. Cara […]

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Monday Kids Music Review :: We All Shine from Play Date

Album:  We All Shine Artist:  Play Date Release Date:  July 2015 Recommended for:  Ruining One’s Appetite On Quality Music, Creative & Imaginative Play, Family Favorites, Silent Sleeping Ninjas {Bonus Album} Enjoy this review?  Consider showing your support for kids’ music and purchase a copy of We All Shine for your family’s music collection.  So I keep a […]

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